Book Spotlight – Walker’s Vale – by John J. Zelenski

Walker's Vale - by John J. Zelenski

Walker’s Vale by John J. Zelensk

James Cooper moved his family to Walker’s Vale, Pennsylvania, in search of the ideal life. What he got was the just opposite. As this small town’s eerie history is revealed and repeated, it’s clear the devil is in the details and he’s waiting for the Cooper’s young daughter. When the FBI come knocking at his door, James quickly realizes that his ideal life may come with a steeper price than he thought. This story of faith, deception, and horror will captivate readers as one man fights for his family’s safety and embarks on a journey toward redemption in this suspenseful supernatural thriller.

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John J. Zelenski

Author John J. Zelenski currently resides in beautiful northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. Besides writing, John works as a VA Certifying Official for the oldest distance-learning school in the United States. In his spare time (which is scarce) he enjoys collecting and selling sports cards and memorabilia and playing bass guitar, and video games.

John was inspired to write “Walker’s Vale” in part from some of his own experiences in the realm of the supernatural when he was a child. He is a born-again Christian and attends a Pentecostal church in his area. John is an admirer of the life and teachings of Smith Wigglesworth and William Branham. He cites Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti as essential influences on his writing.

John J. Zelenski’s Primary Website

John J. Zelenski’s Blog

Please Visit John J. Zelenski Author’s Page At Cold Coffee Press


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